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The narrator appears to be a man who owns the water trough, and comes to it quite often. It's only the male bite that has proved fatal, however. Venom may i act on nerve cells and cause respiratory paralysis; ii destroy the endothelium of smaller blood vessels and allow blood to seep into the tissues; iii destroy erythrocytes and iv cause blood coagulation.

These animal parks have helped in achieving the goals of preventing the extinction of the endangered species, including the giant panda, polar bear, orang-utan, gharial, etc. It has several species in India and Malaya. It has vestiges of the pelvic girdle. These facilities help in the conservation of rare animal species such as the Javan and black Rhino, the Sumatran Elephant and Orang-utan, various species of tigers, the giant panda, etc.

When the neurotoxin get into the victim, it causes the neurotransmitters connecting the muscles and brain to break down.

venonous snakes

The coastal taipan's venom is designed to work on mammals such as rats and works very quickly. The head is pointed and resembles the tail, hence, it is often called a two-head boa.

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Zoo Visit with Family I was in a similar situation. Their tongue is long, narrow and forked, and retractile into a basal sheath.

Get topics by professional writers. The roughly fan-shaped capito-mandibularis superficial muscle, originating on the post-frontal post-orbital bone and parietal ridges, embraces much of the body of the poison gland. Premaxilla, usually toothless and the bones of the upper jaw are loosely attached to rest of the skull.

The revenge of the cobra

Coral snakes differ extensively in their activities, but the majority are very mysterious, fossorial snakes which use up the greater part of their time hidden in the earth or in leaf debris of the rainforest bottom, appearing on the surface throughout rains or in the breeding period.

Luckily the snake will usually flee if an intrusion occurs but will become hostile if cornered.

An Analysis of the Poem Snake by D.H.Lawrence

These roars were of the leopards that seemed to be irritated perhaps because they have not yet been fed. There are two types of fangs. A bite of a poisonous snake rapidly affects different organs such as the heart, lungs, nervous system, muscles and red blood cells.

The snakes though poisonous and dangerous, had extremely beautiful designs on their gliding skin, especially the Asian vine snake and the Sri Lankan Pit Viper. Additionally, it was a prolific experience to observe the alligators and crocodiles swimming very stealthily in the pond.


There are poisonous snakes on most continents in the world with Australia have more than its fair share. The most land poisonous snake in the world is Australia’s Inland Taipan. It can inject enough poison to kill people in a single bite, making it times more venomous than a common cobra.

All snakes are not poisonous.

Argument on Why Reptiles Make Good Pets

But laypeople assume that every snake is a venomous one and they will die from a non-venomous snake bite. People need to be armed with knowledge.”. The Maja (Thick-bodied Snake) which is a non-poisonous reptile. The largest maja in Cuba is located in the town of Santa Maria with a length of about 9 feet.

There are other, much smaller majaes in Cuba known as "jubos" which are approximately 3 feet in length.3/5(1). The essay "The Word Dogs" is good enough to be taught in university courses alongside the likes of Quine and Searle, but Ferrone's true species is kept secret from the students, because of the prejudice against poisonous snakes.

Below is an essay on "Fear of Snakes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. poisonous are not. They still scare the living hell out of me. About 20 years ago when I was a teenager, my family was living in Kentucky.

Poisonous snakes essay
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